Welcome to our new programme. Cinema is perhaps one of the most accessible forms of art and entertainment. Indeed, it is often difficult to separate the two. Alas, a great deal of it is normally hidden from common view by the dominating Hollywood studios, big-name film distributors and multiplex screens. 

We are proud to present to you the very finest of recent and classic cinema from the world over – from Indonesia to Japan and from Europe to South America. Much of it is award winning and our programme includes work from an increasing number of women directors. As always, we have some new and, in various ways, challenging cinema to offer, mixed with some lighter films. As ever, the quality of story, humanity of characterisation, cinematic skill and critical acclaim are our criteria. After the success last year of our Festival of British ‘New Wave’ films of the 1960s, we offer you this year a festival of classic American films, made by some of Hollywood’s most celebrated film- makers. Now you can catch up on an era of stylish black and white Hollywood cinema that people used to know and love.

Once again, we hope that you will want to see these marvellous films as they were intended to be seen – on the cinema screen, where one can catch all their magic and atmosphere. Members of the committee see prospective films throughout the year so that we can bring you the best.

As ever, we also thank the management and staff of the Playhouse Cinema, Louth. We are one of Britain’s luckiest film clubs to have such an amenable and friendly venue.

Please note, we make every attempt to obtain the films advertised in the programme but films and even distributors can disappear after ordering the films. This is rare but it may be necessary to select another film after our programme is released. We have a reserved list and will keep members informed.

The years given for each film is the year of its UK release. Often a film will have been made a year or so before that.

As ever, we hope you enjoy the films, so please ensure that your phones are switched off and that you refrain from talking during the films. Enjoy!

Committee members: 
Pete Hickman, Paul Hill, Heather Jenkins, Alan John, Richard Keeble and Mark Merrifield

January 1 2019